Levent Tuncer


Artists Statement May 3, 2015
Levent Tuncer paints from the malleable parameters of a Proustian space, between sleep and awake. Levent’s recent work reflects this by intuitively reinterpreting formal stylizations from a particular 15th century Iranian drawing, as well as other sources from art history and contemporary visuals. He looks beyond the formal rules of the drawing and art making, to his inner psyche, from which his paintings are conjured. Past and present are accessed intuitively, not only presented as a cross cultural DNA of imagery but made into an epic visual state of history/memory that is real and fiction.
“ It is as though, space I live in, and visual stimuli that is available to me and time add up to a giant, intricate spider web; all these visuals are tiny little knots that connect the sections of this…conduits that make it possible for me, to place myself in relation to everything and thus live both in present and past tense at the same time, but also review who I am, afresh each time my gaze or hand touches these things. This is why at times I will paint and not go out for days and days, yet visiting a lifetime, in a sort of time travelling”

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