Hasan Nazım Balaban


He was born in the village of Seçköy (Bursa) in 1955. He was named after the grand poet Nazım Hikmet and is the son of famous painter İbrahim BALABAN.
He completed the primary school in Seçköy, middle school in Bursa, high school and university in İstanbul. After his graduation he worked as an electrical engineer in several companies for 15 years. Then with two friends he established a company working on machines and automation but after 6 years, in 1997 he quit his partnership for the reason that business and mechanics are against his delicate, artistic soul and he started painting as a full time job. His wife and his father fully supported him when he made this quite difficult decision.

As an artist who grew up in an environment of art and has been painting practically since he was born, painting has become his only job since 1997. He produces socialist, concrete, figurative pieces while following his father’s main philosophical pathway: “Art is the projection of living.” On the other hand he has built up his own style by also adding to his pieces the ornamental elements of our traditional painting and the art of miniature.

The first time his work was exhibited was in 1981 when he attended a group exhibiton in Pangaltı Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi with 2 pieces. In 1984 the same gallery exhibited more work of his in an exhibition for the memory of Hasan Hüseyin Korkmazgil. After a long break of 20 years with engineering jobs, in 2004 he held his first solo exhibiton in Doku Sanat Galerisi-Ankara. 2 months later the same exhibiton was held in Doku Sanat Galerisi-İstanbul.

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